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MS Office Suite: Playing Nice With Others

As many of you may have caught in one of last week’s newsletters, it was announced that this particular portion of Computer Tips is taking on a new look starting today.

If you’ll notice the section is no longer entitled “MS Office Tips” – but instead is now called simply “Office Tips”.

The reason for the change is that now I will be including tips for the OpenOffice Suite of programs every Tuesday and Thursday. Leaving Monday, Wednesday and Friday as days still devoted to the Microsoft Office Suite.

It’s time for us to learn to play nice with others given that OpenOffice is becoming a commonly used office suite.

With that in mind today I’d like to point out to you that with MS Office 2007 even Microsoft has made the leap to give you the option of making files compatible with OpenOffice.

So today I’m thinking that we should go over saving files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint that are in the OpenOffice format – and, as you can imagine, it’s all in the way that you save.

When you save your file you’re given a choice as to what file type to use.


Take a look at the “Save as type” field. If you scroll through you’ll find a format beginning with “Open”.

Choose it and then Save.

You’ll get a warning that there may be elements in the file that aren’t compatible with OpenOffice and you’ll have to choose to save anyway.


You’ve got a file ready for use by someone using OpenOffice – now we, the MS Office enthusiasts of the world, have learned to play nice with others.