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MS Office: Think Twice, Cut Once

Undo – Redo – Undo – Redo… I don’t know about you, but I find that I tend to use that cycle of events a lot when I’m putting finishing touches on things… especially on one of my “picky” days when everything has to be perfect.

Anyway, it’s a great feature, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one using it.

However, did you ever find yourself clicking the Redo button only to find that it has been deactivated?

Now, you just finished with an Undo not too long ago, so what happened?

Well, I have just one question:

Did you cut (Ctrl + X) anything in between?

If your answer is yes, then that’s your problem.

When you actually cut something from a file, it clears out the Redo list. Once that list is cleared well… you’re just out of luck.

If you haven’t made many changes, you could close the file without saving, reopen it and start over.

Or you could always do the work to put back all the things that the Redo won’t anymore.

Neither one is a great choice, so may I just suggest that before you choose to cut something, think twice so that you can do the work just once.

~ April