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MS Office: Your Files To OneNote – No Copy / Paste Required

Once in a while I’ll have someone else taking the minutes from a department meeting and e-mail them to me.

I keep our department meeting minutes in OneNote, so I’ve then got to transfer that information into the notebook.

Selecting the information, copying it and then pasting it into my notebook is always an option – not necessarily a bad one, but we do have another.

If you have OneNote on your computer, you will find that OneNote is listed as a printer. (Yeah, I know it’s not a printer – but that’s where you’ll find it.)

It then follows that to have your information moved by your program to OneNote that we’ll need to print the document.

Be sure to use the actual Print dialog box. (Ctrl + P orĀ Office Button/File tab, Print)

Once there go to the Printer section and select Send to OneNote.

Click OK to “print” your document.

OneNote will open and the information from the file will be placed either into a new workbook (I found that was the case when I tried this with OneNote 2007) or it will ask you which notebook to place the information into (OneNote 2010 did this).

Either way – the data is now in a notebook and you didn’t have to copy or paste a single thing!

~ April