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MS OneNote: Creating An Outlook Task From OneNote Notes

Lately I’ve had a need to use Microsoft OneNote more frequently, as a result I’m beginning to find some of the types of tips & tricks to make life easier for all of us…

With that in mind, I’m going to share today what I found when it comes to how OneNote and Outlook can really compliment each other.

Often I take minutes for my department meetings at work.

At the end of the minutes I’ve usually got a section where I list the tasks that are to be completed and who is supposed to do them.

Those tasks usually come with a deadline so setting a reminder for the ones that are mine is always a good idea.

I could go to Outlook and set the task up manually or I could just have OneNote set it up for me.

Hmm… which would you prefer?

Yeah, I also chose to have OneNote do the work… Imagine that?

Anyway, to get to the point, in order to have OneNote create an Outlook task from your entry simply right-click on the task.


When the right-click menu opens go to the Outlook Tasks sub-menu.

There you will find the usual list of flags for adding it to the Outlook Task List.

Choose one and the item will be flagged in your OneNote notes as well as in Outlook.

Obviously, you can choose to open it in Outlook to edit the task information.

When you do you’ll find the actual note that was used to create the task entry as well as a link to the OneNote Notebook where it came from.

I’m not sure that setting up an Outlook reminder from meeting notes could be any easier than that!

~ April