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MS OneNote: Transferring Your Notes to Another MS Program

There are times when we need our OneNote notes transferred to MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

Maybe we’re sending them to someone who doesn’t have OneNote or maybe we need to incorporate them into a document.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got information in OneNote and we want it in a different format… the question is how do we accomplish our goal?

Well, one way would be to select and copy the information in OneNote then go to the other program and paste it.

That works – especially if you only want to transfer only part of your notes – but I’ve got a couple of other suggestions for full page transfer of the information.

The first is for a quick transfer of your notes to MS Word.

In the File menu/tab go to Send and choose MS Word. (The picture below comes from OneNote 2010)


Poof – Word opens and the entire page of notes is transferred into a new document.

Looking to move the information into a presentation or worksheet?

Try a right-click on the page tab (right side of the screen)


Choose copy.

Go to your program of choice and paste.

Instantly you’ll find the entire notes page content in the other program ready for whatever formatting and editing you deem necessary.

Sharing or using your OneNote notes is just a quick couple of clicks away – without a lot of text selection and hassle.

~ April