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MS Outlook: Calendar Time Intervals

When you’re using MS Outlook’s calendar, do you find yourself staring at those 30 minute time slots provided, and wishing that it had more detail to it? Less detail?

Maybe your life goes at an amazing pace, and you need to see detail at smaller time intervals…

Or, maybe you end up with long appointments in your calendar and really don’t even need the detail that 30 minute intervals provide. You might find yourself wishing for a display with 1 hour blocks of time.

Whatever your need – you no longer have to wish for something else. Instead, let’s adjust the arbitrary time slots Microsoft set into a view that meets your needs.

Obviously, the first thing we have to do is to open Outlook and then get into the Calendar.

Once there, right-click on the calendar and choose Other Settings.

The Format Day/Week/Month View dialog box will open:


On the right you’ll find the setting for the time scale.

Use the provided drop-down list to select a time frame that suits your preference.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the choices are limited… but you do have choices.

Once you’ve made the change, click OK.

Poof! The calendar is now displaying time in segments to your liking – hopefully making your calendar a bit more useful when organizing your day!

~ April