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MS Outlook: Finding All Messages From A Specific Sender

I know who sent it, but I just can’t find the right one…

How many times have to said that to yourself as you searched for a particular message in Outlook?

Unfortunately, I find myself thinking that far too often.

While there are many ways to handle this… such as going from folder to folder, sorting each one by sender and then looking through the lists.

Yeah – not really my favorite plan.

The next time you’re in this bind here’s a quick way to get the list of messages from a particular sender without all the hassle.

Select a message from the sender in question.

Right-click on the message.

mso_findmessages_fromsender [1]

Choose Find Related / Messages from Sender when the menu opens.

Outlook will do its thing giving you a list of all messages from that particular person – from there you can search them for the one you need.

Definitely a much better option as far as I’m concerned.

~ April