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MS Outlook: Move It With No Drag or Drop!

When you use Microsoft Outlook do you find yourself moving messages from place to place with the old drag and drop?

For many people that process works just great – but what about all those people who would prefer to use a key combination over the mouse?

Is there any help for them?

Well, of course there is… you just have to know the combination to unlock Outlook’s move abilities.

Obviously to start you need to have a message selected.

Now it’s time for the “magic” keys:

Ctrl + Shift + V

The Move Items dialog window will open.


Here is where you select the location of where you’d like the message to be moved.

Besides your mouse, you have a couple of choices for navigation in this window.

First, you could use the arrow keys to move through the list.

Or… you could type the first letter of the place where you want to place the message. For example, I would type a “j” to select the journal as the new desired location for the message.

If you’re looking to move the information to someplace that has multiple items starting with the same letter then every time you hit that key Outlook will move to the next item in the list. Using the “j” example… typing it twice would put me at the Junk E-mail folder.

Just keep going until you get there – the list probably isn’t that long and you should find it within a couple of key strokes.

Either way, when you’ve selected the new location then hit Enter.

Poof! You moved it – no drag, no drop, no problem.