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MS Outlook -What a Drag!

Have a file that needs to be attached to an e-mail?

Need the file’s information in an appointment?

Maybe it contains information that you need in the notes of a new contact, or a task to be completed.

Whatever the need – the point is that you need the file’s information and nobody wants the hassle of manually transferring all of it. After all, the file already contains what you need, why duplicate the data?

So… you’ve got to wonder, if there’s a different choice.

And, as you are expecting, I have to say yes – you do have a choice.

Next time you need a file’s information in connection to a part of MS Outlook give this a try:

Drag and drop the file into the appropriate section of Outlook.

Could it be that easy?

Why, yes it can.

Simply locate the file, click-hold-and-drag the file into Outlook. (Remember, if Outlook is not the currently visible then hover the mouse pointer over where Outlook is on the Task bar. It will bring the focus to Outlook so that you can proceed.)

Now that Outlook is visible, hover the pointer over the section/folder where you need to place the file.


At this point you simply release the mouse button.


A new item… appointment, e-mail message, contact, task, etc… will open with the file as an attachment ready for you to finish up and save.

And without even so much as a copy / paste, you’ve got the information you need in the place you want.

~ April