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MS Paint 101 – Brush And Color Selection

I can’t think of many things I’ve written that have brought as much positive feedback as my Paint 101 tutorials. Paint often sits unnoticed and unloved on Windows computers, but it can actually be a very useful tool. So far, we’ve learned how to crop and re-size images [1]and how to work with shapes. [2]

Today we’ll look at how brushes and color selection work in Paint. We’ll start by opening Paint and making a new file.

The size of your canvas will either be full-screen or default to the last size you used in paint. But you can always adjust the size by choosing resize.

You can then adjust the size of the image by pixels or by percentage.

 You’ll find the pencil tool on the Tools menu at the top. I’ll get to the other useful tools in a later article. Right now, select the pencil icon.

Choosing pencil enables you to draw freehand by clicking and dragging your mouse or, if you have a touch screen by using a stylus or your finger.

If you select the Brushes option, you can vary what those lines look like.

Choosing brush will get you this line.

There are two calligraphy brush options, that will give you lines that look similar to this.

You also have the option of Airbrush.

Oil Brush



Art pencil

Then, finally, Water color brush.

By choosing Line size, you can adjust the thickness of the brushes.

Here’s what the Marker brush looks like in various sizes.

 To select a color for your brush, just click or tap on it in the palette.

Select edit colors to see additional choices and to create custom colors.

To create a custom color, either type in value or use your cursor to create a color you like. Then choose Add to custom colors.

The color will then appear in your palette.

 Now go have some fun experimenting with colors and brushes!

~ Cynthia