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MS PowerPoint: Add Text That Can’t Be Edited to Your Slides

Sometimes we need to add text to a slide that we do not want edited in the usual manner. Maybe we need a logo in the corner or a disclaimer or maybe a web address… whatever it is that you’re looking to have on all slides of a presentation and it should be left alone.

If you’re looking to add text to a slide for a presentation or template that cannot be removed or edited through the traditional methods then you may be disappointed.

Our first thought goes to the Slide Master – as it rightly should.

All you need to do to ensure you’ve got what you want on the slides without further editing or accidental deletion we’ll simply add it to the Slide Master.

For those of you who haven’t used this little gem before you’ll need to head over to the View tab / Slide Master button.

mspp_view_slidemaster [1]

Choose which slide layout you want the information on from the left – or if it’s all of them then choose the very top slide as that’s the one that all the layouts are based upon.

mspp_choose_slidemaster [2]

Be sure to enter any text using a Text Box. All the placeholders you insert are the editable pieces of a slide layout.

Once done you simply need to close the Slide Master using the Slide Master tab.

mspp_close_slidemaster [3]

That’s it… you’re information is going to appear on all your slides without any hassle at all.

~ April