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MS PowerPoint: Animate Multiple Items the Same Way at the Same Time

Quite often I find that I’m spending a lot of time individually animating objects on the same slide in the same way.

It can be a frustrating experience when you realize that you’ve repeated your work multiple times…

If this is something you’ve ever experienced, then you’re going to want to try this one out!

Next time you’re in this situation, simply use the Shift key to select all items to be animated the same way then set the animation.

You’ll find that all of them have exactly the same thing applied. They’ve been set to all animate “with previous” so they’ll do their thing simultaneously.

From there you can use the Animation Pane (Animations tab / Animation Pane button) to make individual changes.


It’s just a few clicks and maybe drags of the animations listed in the pane to change timings, order, whatever…

The point being that you aren’t repeating yourself with the initial settings only the fine tuning needs to be done for individual objects.

Time Saved + Frustration Avoided = A Very, Very Good Thing!

~ April