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MS PowerPoint: Custom Prompts in Your Slide Layouts

If you create and use custom slide layouts then you’ve probably wondered why everyone else’s template slides (not to mention Microsoft’s slides) have prompts in the text and content boxes.

For example:

mspp_prompt_exslide [1]

Ever wish that you had some control over the prompt given in the slide?

Good news!

With just one simple change in your routine you can have custom prompts in the slide layouts you alter or create.

We need to start by opening the Slide Master (View tab / Slide Master button).

Once there, you need to choose a slide layout from the set offered on the left of the screen that needs to be altered… or insert a new slide layout.

Now that we’ve found the slide, either select an existing text/content box or insert a new one. (Slide Master tab / Insert Placeholder)

mspp_insert_plchldr [2]

Place your cursor into the location where you want the custom prompt and type.

Yeah, it’s that simple… whatever is on the first line becomes the prompt used when the layout is used when creating a presentation.

Once done, close the Slide Master (Slide Master tab / Close Master View button).


The layout now comes with your prompts for input instead what others thought should be there.

~ April