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MS PowerPoint: Making Creative and Unique Calendars

If you’ve ever wanted to create a really cool and interesting calendar then I’m sure that you’ve tried to use something from the MS Word templates.

Those aren’t bad, and definitely have potential, but can’t compare to what PowerPoint has to offer when it comes to graphics and design.

Above and beyond that, it’s as easy to redesign a calendar theme with PowerPoint as it is to change the design of any presentation.

So… if you’re interested in a great looking calendar that’s easy to use and customize, then give PowerPoint a try.

We begin with New fromĀ the Office Button / File tab.

From there choose Calendars.

When the calendar categories open select the type of calendar you’re looking to create.

At this point a list of template previews will be displayed.

Choose one and click Download.

The template will open and you’ll be ready to customize it just like you would any other presentation.

Depending upon how it was designed you may be able to do a lot of changes with the themes available on the Design tab.

If the calendar was created with a lot of pictures instead of elements using the theme colors then changing themes will most likely affect mostly the text and table colors.

However, there’s nothing stopping you from selecting pictures and other elements and alteringĀ its appearance using whatever formatting tools PowerPoint offers or deleting it altogether.

Really, it’s no more difficult to creatively customize than any other presentation… but in my opinion using this program gives you way more choices in the appearance department.

~ April