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MS PowerPoint: Save Print Settings for Individual Presentations

If you’ve got a presentation that is almost always printed a certain way (maybe it’s always handouts or maybe you always seem to print it as full size slides) and you’re getting tired of changing printer settings every time you hit the Print dialog box, then read on!

In a situation like this it sure would be nice to have all those settings automatically set up, wouldn’t it?

Within the multitude of settings found in PowerPoint’s Options dialog you’ll find one that allows you to choose print settings for a particular presentation. Set them there and you can forget about setting them over and over again every time you print.

Obviously we need to start in the Options dialog box. (Office Button / File tab, Options choice)

On the left choose Advanced and then on the right scroll down to the section entitled “When printing this document“.


The first step is to choose the document to which the settings will be applied. (If it’s the only file open then don’t worry about this step.)

Below that you’ll two choices: “Use the most recently used print settings” and “Use the following print settings”.

Select the radio button to “Use the following print settings“.

At this point the options below will become active and you can make your changes.

When you’re done click OK.

Now… before you begin to wonder… yes, these settings can be overridden without returning to the Options dialog box.

During the print process you’re still free to make adjustments to settings in the Print dialog box… the advantage to these settings is that it should reduce the number of times you find yourself making the changes!

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