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MS PowerPoint: Search for Templates Without Using a Web Browser

If you’re a PowerPoint user, then I’m sure that you’ve used one of the links found in the 2007 or 2010 versions to browse through selections supplied by the Microsoft site. (Found via the Office Button / File tab, New choice)

However, if you didn’t want to browse their predetermined categories, then you were stuck going out to their site to actually search with keywords… or were you?

Turns out that you’re not stuck using a browser at all.

With my usual flair for “I’m in a hurry” I never even really examined the options offered when I start a new file.

Besides choosing to go into the categories provided by Microsoft you can simply enter a keyword right from PowerPoint.





As you can see, each has a place to access the templates by category but each also has a field that very lightly says “Search Office.com

Simply enter a keyword into the field and hit the Enter key.


The search results are displayed and ready to download as usual.

The best part?

You only have to look through the ones that actually might be what you need.

Yeah :)

~ April