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MS PowerPoint: Selecting the Things That You’ve Covered

I find that often I will cover objects on my presentation slides so that the animations or whatever will work correctly.

However, when I need to select those hidden items, it can be quite a painful experience.

Moving other objects around until I can actually select the one I’m looking for is probably the most annoying way to go.

The Selection Pane can offer you assistance in this scenario, but the names for the items on the slide are very generic (“Content Placeholder 7″), so finding the right one could be trouble.

Here’s a fast, easy way to select anything on your slide, even what’s hidden by other items, with no fuss or muss.

The first step is to hit the Esc key to ensure that nothing on the slide is selected.

Now use the Tab key to rotate through every object on the slide.

That’s all there is to it – two keys and you’ve selected a hidden object without any hassles at all.

~ April