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MS PowerPoint Stop and Start Without Exiting

Many of us know that when you run a slide show with timings (meant to progress automatically based on the timings) you can exit the presentation using the Esc key.

This works great if you’re ready to close it up for the day but not so great if you simply needed to stop it or maybe you need to move back or forward in the presentation…

The Esc key will exit the presentation, giving your audience a beautiful view of PowerPoint so that you can fumble around in there looking for the right slide.

And, worse yet, what if your intention had been to pause the show and then restart from that position?

I’m positive that going back to the program window isn’t the most professional looking way to handle things so what else is there?
To be honest there are a whole lot of possibilities out there but I’d like to offer some simple one key ideas.

To simply stop the presentation where it is use the S key – then to restart it use the S key again.

– To move backwards in the presentation try:

the P (for previous) key

the Up Arrow key.

the Left Arrow key.

the Page Up key.

– To move forward in the presentation try:

the N (for next) key.

the Down Arrow key.

the Right Arrow key.

the Page Down key.

*Special Note: If moving backwards seems to stop the show then use one of the forwards to start it again… I found that the S key to restart only worked when I used the S key to stop it.

All of these possibilities allow you to move through your presentation – even one that has timings and is moving at its own pace – without exiting to the program window.

It’s always the small details that make the presentation of a slide show look professional and these keys are definitely a step in the right direction!