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MS Word 2010: Find Them All At Once

Previously we’ve discussed the new Navigation Pane in Word 2010… it is a bigger, badder version of the document map from days of old.

Today I’d like to show you the feature that allows you to find all instances of a word or phrase and then actually browse them without the repetitious “Find Next”.

Investigating this feature will obviously require us to open the Navigation Pane via the View tab, Navigation Pane check-box.


Once it’s open, then we’re looking to switch over to the 3rd tab.


With this tab selected, the field at the top is active and in the box enter the word or phrase you’re looking to find.

After you’ve entered the word hit the Enter key.



As you can see above, all occurrences of the word are now highlighted and in the Navigation Pane you’ll see snippets of each location where the word is found.

Click on one and you’ll be whisked off to that location in your document!

It goes without saying at this point that this isn’t a find and replace thing… it finds all occurrences and then helps you to move through the document from place to place quickly.

~ April