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MS Word 2010: Navigation Pane = Document Map + More

Previous versions of MS Word had a pane you could open down the left side called the Document Map.

It was just as the name suggests – a map of your document sections that you could use to jump from one location to another… a helpful tool for very long documents with a lot of sections.

Word 2010 has this feature, but it’s now called the Navigation Pane and it has a few new tricks up its sleeve. The one we’re going to explore today is the ability to use it to rearrange the sections of your document.

We first need to display the Navigation Pane using the View tab / Show group / Navigation Pane checkbox.

Once displayed you’ll see this on the left side of your document:


It’s pretty self explanatory, showing the different sections of my document. (For the record, I simply used Heading Styles from the Home tab to create the different parts of the document.)

As before, you can click on any entry to navigate to that section, but now you can also use this area to rearrange the information.

Simply drag and drop any section shown in the list to a new location.

Instantly, you’ve got a new order to your document and there was no cut and paste involved!

~ April