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MS Word: Add Space Between Paragraphs

Let’s talk about paragraph spacing in our Word documents…

Specifically, let’s discuss what happens when you need just a bit more space before a particular paragraph.

What do you do?

Do you track down the paragraph formatting in either the Format menu / Page Layout tab of the Ribbon? Make the change for just that paragraph then continue on with your work?

What do you do the next time you need that space? Do it all over again?

Let’s hope not!

What I’ve got to offer is a quick way to basically “nudge” your paragraph (add 12 points of space) a little further away from the one above it.

Next time you’re in this situation place your cursor in the paragraph below where the extra space should be placed and use Ctrl + 0 (zero).

Yep that’s all of it, Ctrl + 0 adds 12 points of space before the paragraph containing your cursor.

Change your mind?

No problem – the combination works as a toggle.

Ctrl + 0 adds space.

Ctrl + 0 again removes the space.

So, as you can see, this trick really will only “nudge” your paragraph – you can’t use it to add anything more or less than the 12 points of extra space – but then again, if you need something so much more specific then you probably already had the paragraph formatting stuff open anyway.Happy Nudging :)