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MS Word: Check This Out

Have you tried to insert a check mark in a Word document only to come up empty?

Did you resort to using a square root symbol instead?

It’s definitely possible that this has happened to you…

We start with the Insert tab / Symbol button and scan through the immediate selections.


These are the last symbols you’ve used and since you haven’t found a check mark yet it wouldn’t be here.

So you choose More Symbols and begin the search.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but in the upper left corner you can choose the font set from which you’ll get the symbols.

With the sheer number of fonts we now have available that’s a lot to search through!

For many fonts the closest you’ll find is a square root symbol – not exactly what we’re after.

While there’s more then one font character set that will have a check mark in it here’s a for-sure place to look.

Choose the Wingdings font in the upper left corner.


Scroll down to the bottom of the choices and there you’ll find what you seek.

Proceed with the insert and you’re all set.

Oh, as an added bonus you will now find your check mark in that initial set displayed by the Symbol button… at least until you insert so many different symbols that it’s not in the latest 20 used!

~ April