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MS Word: Copy Style Features From One Document to Another

Here’s an interesting little gem that will allow you to copy formatting such as headers, footers and paragraph settings from one file to another without a whole lot of hassle.

The gadget I refer to is Word’s Organizer… no, not the ClipArt organizer… this is different. It organizes the features of your document into a list, and you can then use one dialog box to transfer the formatting information from one document (or template) to another.

If you’re interested, then here’s the scoop.

To access Word’s Organizer we’ll need to start by adding it to our Quick Access Toolbar.

Right-click on the Ribbon and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

When the Options dialog box opens use the drop-down list on the top of the left side to choose All Commands.


Then from the list locate Organizer and click the Add button in the middle.

With the Organizer feature added to the list on the right click OK.

Now it’s time to take a look at the Organizer’s dialog box. (Click on the Organizer button you placed on the Quick Access Toolbar.)

The dialog box that opens looks like this on the Styles tab:


Basically what you have is a dialog that works two ways.

Initially the left side will load the information it has on the document to started within, but this is easily changed.

Each side has a Close File button which allows you to “close” the styles list for the currently listed file and then it turns into an Open File button.

Use this to “open” a different file – the file itself won’t open, just it’s styles will be loaded into the list.

On the other side you can do the same thing with the file to which to want to copy the styles.

To actually accomplish a copy simply select an element from a list and click the Copy button in the center of the dialog box.

The cool part is that this works back and forth.

If you select something on the left it will copy to the file on the right.

If you select an item from the list on the right then you’ll find that the Copy button reverses direction and will copy to the file on the left.

When you’re done use the Close button in the bottom right corner to exit the dialog box completely.

Definitely an easy way to transfer settings for these components of a Word document or template.

You also may have noticed that the Normal template is one of my listed files. This means that if I have a file with a style that I want in all my new documents… maybe a header setup… then I can use this to transfer it to the Normal template. Since it’s this template is the one from which all new files are started I can save a lot of time by avoiding the whole routine of opening and altering and saving the Normal template manually.

You also may have noticed the second tab labeled as Macro Project Items.

This tab is set up to work the same way as the Styles tab so nothing new to learn there for those of you who need it :)

~ April