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MS Word: Deleting Only a Placeholder in Your Equations

If you use Word’s Equation Editor then you’ve probably run up against a situation where you had a placeholder… say a superscript on an item…


then changed your mind and decided that you didn’t need the superscript at all.

What happened when you tried to delete just the superscript placeholder?

It made you delete the whole thing didn’t it?


Well, unknown to many it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have the ability to delete just part of an equation without affecting others elements with a simple right-click.


As you can see, a right-click on the superscript placeholder and the content menu that opens will allow me to get rid of it without disturbing the base to which it was attached.

This trick will work in a variety of instances so the next time you’re trying to remove an unwanted placeholder… or maybe even trying to add one into an existing situation… simply right-click and see what Word offers you!

~ April