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MS Word: Embed Fonts

Most of us have seen the results of moving a PowerPoint presentation to a computer that doesn’t contain the fonts that were used in its creation.

To accommodate the missing font, the program will substitute with the default.

Not ideal at all since all your spacing and other settings were built with the font you chose… we all know that different fonts do not take up the same space.

The way around this problem is to embed your font into the presentation.

It makes the file larger, but it prevents the problem of font substitution when you open it on a different computer.

Well, the same dilemma is possible with a Word document.

Fortunately for us, we can fix this problem too.

In the Word Options dialog box (Office Button / File tab, Options choice) we can choose to have the font embedded into the file.

Find the Save category of options. You need the “Preserve fidelity when sharing this document” section.

msw_saveopt_embed_font [1]

As you can see, once the embedding option is turned on you have a couple of choices to make as to what should be embedded… all characters or only what was used (depends upon what the need would be of whoever you’ve shared it with) as well as the option to not have Word embed the common fonts.

Keep in mind when you make your decision, embedded fonts do increase file size which in some instances could become a factor.

You also have the choice of exactly what Word should apply these options to…

msw_apply_option2 [2]

the current file or all new documents.

When all your decisions have been made, click OK.


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