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Ms Word Emoticons

Here’s a quick Word tip for all of you who are attached to your emoticons… you know, the little :) and :( we’re so fond of using in text and e-mail?

Well, if you like these little guys and haven’t tried one in Word lately then you really should!

As part of the AutoCorrect list there are three emoticons set to be replaced by the correct facial emotion automatically instead of you going to find it in the symbol dialog box.

Specifically, you’ll find that…


…and for those of you who don’t really feel one way or the other…


Did you notice? No matter how you’re used to using emoticons (with or without a “nose”) Word has got you covered.

(Actually, I also found that they work in my versions of Outlook & PowerPoint – so just try it anywhere you find yourself wanting one – it just might work.)

So, how are you feeling today?