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MS Word: Including Paths and File Names In Headers and Footers

If you’ve ever looked at a hard copy of a document and wondered “Now where did I save this?” then you want to know this one.

One of the most sure-fire ways to ensure that you know how you saved the file is to include the path (file location) and file name in the header or footer of the document.

With that in mind let’s take a look at where we can find such things in our newest versions of MS Word.

Inserting a header or footer would be the first step… Insert Tab of the Ribbon, Header or Footer button then choose a layout.

Once you’re in a header or footer you’ll now have a Header & Footer Tools Design tab.


Locate the Quick Parts button and choose Field.

When the Field dialog box opens you’re looking to locate and select the FileName field in the left column.


Once you’ve selected the FileName field the middle and right columns become active.

Just for reference…

MS Office Tip Wednesday 8-23

C:\Users\April\Documents\MS Office Tips & Tricks\9-1 Wednesday\MS Office Tip Thursday 8-23.docx

As you can see, this one adds the location of the file to the file name. If you tend to store files all over the place then it might be a good idea to include it.

At any rate, when you’ve made all your choices click OK.


Now you’ll have hard copies of the file and you’ll know exactly where you saved it… no more headaches from endless searching… no more frustration over missing files. Go right to the correct file from the beginning.

~ Apri