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MS Word: Misspellings – Right Click to Fix Without the Click

We all know that MS Word will underline misspelled words with a red squiggle line.

In addition, we’re all aware that you can right click on the word to be given a selection of correctly spelled words to replace it.

However, if you’re someone who avoids the mouse like it may carry the plague, then none of that seems very efficient to you… so now what?

I suppose that you could wait until the end and run the Spell Check – but if you’re like me and want to fix things as you go then that’s not an option for you.

We could run the Spell Check right then, but that seems like an awful lot of firepower for just one misspelled word…

Today I’d like to propose a key combination that will replace the right-click over a misspelled word offering you the same replacement selections…

Shift + F10

Yep – it’s that easy… with your cursor in the misspelled word use Shift + F10 and you’ll see the right-click menu that opens when you use your mouse.

Have more than one red line to fix?

If you then use Alt + F7 Word will move the cursor to the next misspelled word and open the right-click menu for you.

Now that’s a trick that is simple, easy and more importantly – puts your hands nowhere near your mouse!

~ April