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MS Word: Mix and Match Labels

Do you use MS Word for labels?

Ever need to print different labels on the same sheet? (I know I do it all the time at work. I never seem to need 30 of the same thing and I rarely use them for addresses).

Have you figured out how to get Word to give you a blank sheet of labels to work with or are you still fighting the program when it sticks you with an entire page of the same one?

Well, if you haven’t found that blank page of labels yet, allow me to give you a little push in the right direction.

If you’ve found the labels at all, then you already know the beginning…

Head over to the Mailings tab of the Ribbon and click the Labels button located on the far left side in the Create section.

Next, we need the Labels tab.


Now, I know it’s habit to put an address in the Address box, but resist the urge just this once…

If necessary, use the Options button to select the correct label size.

Once the label size is set, all you have left to do is click the New Document button.

That’s it! You’re returned to Word with a blank page of labels ready for you to mix and match as much as you please!

~ April