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MS Word: Precision Graphic Placements

We all know that it’s extremely easy to relocate a graphic once it’s in a Word document… got to love the old “drag and drop” maneuver.

My question has to do with how you place a graphic in an exact position on the page. What do we do if we need the picture exactly 2 inches from the left side of the page and 1 inch from the top?

Let’s hope that there’s a better way to accomplish the desired result… trying to drop a graphic at a precise measurement could turn out to be quite a frustrating experience.

Fortunately Word has us covered in this situation and we’re going to get right to the “how to” of the process.

Once your graphic is in the document and it’s selected go to the Format tab that opened for your picture, shape, etc.

On the Format tab locate the Position button in the Arrange group.


When you click the Position button at the bottom of the choices you’ll find “More Layout Options“.

In the dialog box that opensĀ go to the Text Wrapping tab. Select any wrapping style except in line with text.

Now we’re off to the Position tab.


As you can see there are two major sections here, one for horizontal placement and one for vertical placement.

In both sections select “Absolute position“, set a distance and then choose “Page” in the far right.

Click OK.

That does it… your graphic is now located on the pages at exactly the position you requested.

I definitely want to point out that the graphic can still be relocated with a simple drag and drop but at this moment it’s precisely where you asked for it to be.

~ April