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MS Word: Readability Statistics and More

There are times when you’re just not sure how difficult your document will be for your target audience to read and comprehend.

If you’ve looked for this information, then you may have found yourself frustrated when it didn’t seem to be readily available… which, by default settings, is correct, but it is a situation we can rectify quite easily.

What we need is to make a small change to Word’s Option settings, then we’ll be in business.

Obviously, we’ll start in the Office Button / File tab to access the program’s Options.

Once the Options dialog box is open select the Proofing category located on the left.

On the right side of the dialog box, go to the “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word” section and select the “Show readability statistics” option.

Click OK.

Now that we’ve activated the information, go to the Review tab of the Ribbon and click the Spelling & Grammar button. (As always, F7 works for this purpose too.)

You’ll find that every time you run a Spell Check a window will pop up upon completion giving you just the data you were looking to know.

That’s it… with that one change verifying that your document is at a reading level appropriate for  your target audience is as simple as running the Spell Checker.

~ April