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MS Word: Watermarks in Under a Minute

We’ve all seen documents with watermarks in the background – whether it’s a word like “confidential” or a graphic – it’s behind the main document and a much lighter shade or washout of colors.

Adding a watermark to a document doesn’t have to involve a lot of work with coloring and wrapping text to be in front of the word or picture… I suppose it could involve all that, but no way do I want to bother with all that unnecessary work.

Actually, it only takes a quick minute to have a whatever you need as a watermark on your page, so let’s take a look at where watermarks are tucked away in Word 2007 & 2010.

We need to start on the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon.


Click the Watermark button to access a variety of ready-made text watermarks or choose Custom Watermark to use a graphic or your own text.


As you can see simply select the type of watermark then either select the picture file or enter your custom text and set formatting.

Click Apply to preview your watermark and click OK when you’re satisfied with the results.


Watermark done.

Looking to remove your watermark?

No problem… return to the Page Layout tab, Watermark button and choose Remove Watermark at the bottom.

Go ahead, watermark it, you’ve got a minute to spare.

~ April