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MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger

Today, we’re going to talk about the instant messenger program from MSN called MSN Messenger 7.5. If you haven’t found an instant messaging program that you’re absolutely thrilled with yet, your wait may be over. So, let’s go ahead and check out all the basics of MSN’s version!

MSN Messenger is one of the many popular messengers available for Internet users everywhere. Compared to other messenger providers, MSN offers certain unique features that can’t be found on AIM, Yahoo! or any others out there. MSN Messenger is a program that connects people from all around and across the globe via instant messaging, picture sharing, Webcam viewing and so much more!

One of the attractive features of MSN Messenger that is not accessible in the same way from providers, such as AOL and Yahoo!, is the option to choose how to sign on. Whether you want to sign on as Available, Busy, Appear Offline, Out to Lunch, etc., for most other messengers, you can only select these options once you’ve already signed in.

Once you’re signed on, there are many different features available for your use! For instance, at the top of the messenger underneath the toolbar, you can type a personal message that will appear next to your name for all your friends to see. Underneath that, there is the option of adding a new contact, where you can enter in the e-mail address of your friend or colleague. Once they accept you, they will appear on your buddy list.

The way MSN categorizes your buddy list is groups of users that are online, offline or users who are using a mobile device. By clicking on a buddy’s name, their display card will show up. In order to edit and change your own display card, you can click on your display name at the top of the messenger window, where it also has your status listed. From here, there are options listed that can change your display picture and also your personal settings.

If you want to chat with a friend, just double click on their name to open up a conversation box. On the top of the conversation box, there are different options listed to liven up your Internet conversation experience. There are many emoticons available above the type box screen and many others that can be found on the Internet or even through your friends. For instance, if a friend sends an emoticon that you like and you don’t already have it on your computer, you can right click on that icon and save it under a special code or letter sequence. For instance, if an “I love you” picture pops up whenever you type “i luv u” and you save it that way, every time you type that and send it to another person, they will receive that emoticon saved under that particular code. Cool, huh?!

You can also initiate voice and Webcam conversations through MSN Messenger. By clicking on the Webcam picture, you can start sending live videos of yourself to the person on the other end. Make sure you know who the person is though, especially for your safety! Also, if you have your microphone hooked up, you can click on the microphone icon to initiate a voice conversation.

There are many different ways you can enhance your chatting experiences online by using MSN Messenger. It’s very easy and straightforward to use too. Just go under the toolbar and click on the option you want to enable. For further instructions, the Help option is always available and accessible to you. Good luck and happy chatting!

You can download MSN Messenger for yourself by clicking here.

~ Sheida