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MSN Search Toolbar (Beta)

Well it’s about time, Microsoft. I can’t speak for everybody but I believe that tabbed browsing is one of the best things to happen to browsers since pop-up stoppers. Once I got used to using tabbed browsing there was no looking back and no reason to as far as I’m concerned. I think that the introduction of tabbed browsing with Opera and FireFox set a new standard for what users expected from a browser. I know I did and I left Internet Explorer when I got my hands on FireFox.

I’ll be honest, I really felt that IE was inferior to FF, or Opera for that matter, which led to an all time low as far as people using IE over 3rd party browsers. This lit a fire under Microsoft’s keester, motivating them to change their initial plan to wait until Longhorn’s release to debut IE 7 and put the beta out this summer.

I love vender competition. It just helps to really get things done, and promotes better products quicker. Until the unclear release of IE 7, Microsoft has at least thrown us a bone—some really cool features to help get IE up to speed.

Well why don’t I stop babbling and tell you what’s new for IE—features that may put it back in contention. With the new Tabbed browsing and Desktop Search download you get:

1) Three new Search bars:
· Search the web with MSN’s new search engine
· Search your Outlook
· Search your hard drive

2) Automatic Form Fill, which will fill out any web form per your specifications. This, eliminates the need from 3rd party form filler programs such as Gator.

3) Tabbed browsing makes doing in-depth searches online so much easier

4) Pop-up stopper

5) Highlighted web search to help you locate your search results quickly

There is a wonderful help link on the download site that touches on every aspect of the software, complete with screenshots and procedural instructions. There is also an Add-Ins site where you download customizable search filters to help you with particular file types. The MSN search bar can import your settings and asks you a bunch of questions when it installs. I really recommend that you pay attention here because, believe it or not, a lot of these things you won’t need.

Well there you go. I think that this is a download any IE user should get. It will drastically improve your online experience.

The days of tab-less browsing fade as the future of surfing the web dawns.

Here’s the download link…

~ Chad

Chad Stenicki