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Multi-Monitor Taskbar

Multi-Monitor Taskbar

This one’s for all you dual screen users out there! I’ve had dual screen monitors for my Windows XP computer for about two years now and I love them. Most computer users usually keep two or three windows open in the background, but dual monitors allow you to keep them all in sight. It’s really neat! And today, I’m going to show you something I didn’t even know was possible. Prepare to be amazed by Oscar’s Multi-Monitor Taskbar!

The Multi-Monitor Taskbar (or Multi-Mon) is a free program that can solve a few of the dilemmas that dual monitor users encounter. Once you download the program, I’ll show you all of the features Multi-Mon has to offer.

The download link for Multi-Mon can be found right here. Just download it and follow the installation process.

In the past, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t matter which monitor a program is opened on, because Windows places all of the taskbar items on the primary monitor. But, after you download Multi-Mon, a second taskbar is placed on the secondary monitor. The taskbar has the Windows 98 theme, but it still works like a charm! You’ll notice that Multi-Mon automatically knows when a window is moved to another monitor and therefore, changes the taskbar it’s displayed on. Pretty cool, huh?!

Another annoyance most dual monitor users have to deal with is moving windows from one screen to another. Sometimes it’s as easy as a drag and drop, but other times, it requires resizing the window multiple times until it fits the right way. What a pain! Another thing Multi-Mon does is add a third button to the upper right hand corner of every window. That button is the Switch Monitor button and if you press it, the window jumps right over to the opposite screen.

One of my favorite features Multi-Mon provides is the clipboard extender. Have you ever wanted to have a few different items on your clipboard at the same time? Well, every time you copy something to the clipboard, it’s added to the Extender’s list. You can then pick and choose which text strings you want to paste.

Also, Multi-Mon has support for triple monitor users if there are any of you out there. If you really like Multi-Mon, I recommend downloading the shareware version. It includes both the Windows XP and Vista themes and so much more. You can see all of them right here [1]. Enjoy!

~ Neil Patel