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Multi-Tab Startup for Chrome and Firefox

Rick in Allentown, PA asks:

One of your tips was to have Internet Explorer (IE) open with multiple tabs. I would like to do that with Google Chrome. Can you tell me how?

Like the Multi-Tab Startup for IE [1], in Chrome and Firefox (we’ll look at both here), it’s a matter of setting your home page to multiple sites (tabs). There are a couple ways to get started, but the easiest is to first open the tabs you want to use as your home page(s). In both browsers, the tab to the far left will be the page seen when the browser is opened. Tabs can be arranged in any order by simply dragging them.

multi-tab_startup_chrome_0 [2]


Click the wrench icon in the upper right corner and select Options.

multi-tab_startup_chrome_1 [3]

Under the Basics tab on the left, in the On startup box, click the radio button beside Open the following pages: and then click the Use current pages button.

multi-tab_startup_chrome_2 [4]

The list that appears will reflect your new home page(s).

multi-tab_startup_chrome_3 [5]

Firefox 5.0

If the classic menus (File, Edit, View, etc.) are visible, under the Tools menu, select Options.

multi-tab_startup_chrome_4 [6]

Otherwise, click the orange Firefox button and select Options from the sub-menu. If you’d like the classic menus displayed, just below Options, place a check beside Menu Bar.

multi-tab_startup_chrome_5 [7]

In Options, under the General tab, click the Use Current Pages button.

multi-tab_startup_chrome_6 [8]

That’s all there is to it. Thanks for the question Rick.