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Multiple Pictures to a Presentation Instantly

Do you tend to create PowerPoint presentations that contain a lot of pictures?

Tired of constantly creating new slides then going through the whole insert process for each pictures?

Yeah – if you’ve got a lot of them then it can definitely be a lot of repetitive work.

May I suggest a different approach – one that creates slides and inserts all the pictures in one step?

I thought you might like that idea so let’s get started.

Well actually, before we get started with the process of presentation creation let me give you some advice. It’s easiest if you have your pictures in a single location. This can be done with them all over the place but it’s fastest if you’ve got them all together.

Anyway… back to “getting started”.

What we’re going to create is a presentation using PowerPoint’s Photo Album feature.

Everyone should be looking at a Photo Album dialog box that’s something along the lines of this:


Here’s where you do a lot of the decision making for all the slides that you’re about to create. (Not that you can’t change your mind about things later but if we can set it once and let the program do its magic then why not?)

First thing is to click the File/Disk button.

This will let you browse for your photos. If they’re all in one location then you can select all of them in this one step using the Shift and Ctrl keys as you choose your pictures.

If your photos are in several different locations then simply click the File/Disk button again and go find more.

Once you have your pictures in the list you can use the up and down arrow buttons below the list to re-order them now or, as with any presentation, you can choose to move the slides around later.

Does it make a difference when you put them in order?

Good question – if you’re putting one picture on each slide then no. However, if you’re going to put multiple pictures on a single slide then yes; you’ll want them on the correct pages together. (The setting for pictures per page is at the bottom under the label of Picture Layout. You should note that you can also choose a layout that includes a title on each page.)


Below that you can choose a frame shape for the pictures as well as apply a theme to the presentation.


Keep an eye on the small preview at the right – this will show you how the Album Layout choices your making affect the general layout of the slides that will be created.

Back at the top of the dialog box, to the right of the file list I’m sure you’ve noticed the preview of the selected picture. Below the preview you’ll even find some photo editing tools, should you need them.


Now that we’ve covered the basics of pictures let’s take a quick look at the few things located below the File/Disk button.

First there’s the New Text Box button:

This button adds a space to the presentation the size of one photo. So, if you have one photo per slide then an entire slide is added below the picture you had selected when you clicked the button. If you have two pictures per slide then it adds a space for text as ½ of a page… you get the idea.

Below that there are a couple of options:

Captions below ALL pictures” does exactly that – it puts a text box below each picture. Mine initially had the file name in it – but obviously you can edit them.

And I’m positive that you find “ALL pictures black and white” very self explanatory.

When everything is set click Create.

Poof! PowerPoint presentation done – all pictures inserted and now all you have to worry about is putting in content.

Oh yeah – one more thing…

What if you change your mind about some of the album settings? Start over? Never!

Make your changes and click Update.

Whew! That was a lot today – but it has a lot of potential for all kinds of presentations and, as the name suggests, actually creating photo albums. Take a few minutes to investigate – it’s worth your time.

~ April