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Mural Farm

Did you know that Philadelphia is also know as the “City of Murals”? I certainly didn’t! The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program brings us this incredible online gallery.

There are a few ways that you can choose to navigate the site. They are:

The Mural Search button –  at the top of the page you’ll find this button, you can use it to navigate through the murals. The nice thing about selecting this version is that it breaks it down into manageable chunks to view. There are 147 pages (at first) that you can view but you can change the number of murals that are shown on the page, ranging from 12-24. Clicking the image of a mural, makes it pop up larger so you can view it in detail, and you don’t lose the page you were on originally.

Murals – here you will find an assortment of featured murals. One will be automatically highlighted, to see one of the others just click one of the images and it will swap places with the one that was featured.

Artists – this section works the same as the mural section, only it features specific artists.

Themes – this works like the previous two sections, only it features themes!

Neighborhoods – this navigates like the previous three section and features specific neighborhoods from around Philadelphia.

These murals are exquisite and I can’t wait for you to check them out. This site makes me want to take a road trip to Philadelphia to see the murals for myself in person!

http://muralfarm.org/Muralfarm/ [1]