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Museum of Online Museums

This is like the archive of all archives and the museum of all museums. Here you will find great links to new and exciting exhibits online in the Museum Campus section. The links in this section take you directly to the museum or exhibit in the title link.

Below this are the Permanent Collections. This section has some really unique and interesting galleries like the Grocery List Collection, or Fading Billboards. These are linked directly to their permanent location—so if a link is bad you may want to let the museum know so they can remove it. What’s really cool is that after you’ve viewed a collection and click back over to the Museum of Online Museums, it will be checked off the list. You won’t have to guess which sites you’ve been to—isn’t that great?

Below this are the Galleries, Exhibits, and Shows. Again with the great check mark system and some really interesting galleries. Like the Museum of Seventies Matchbox Cars, or the Burnt Food Museum . Or one of my favorites, the Gallery of Museum of Monster Toys, or the Catalogue of Lesser-Known Superheroes, make sure to check those out they are really neat.

All in all, my favorite Online Museum site! There are way too many cool links on here to spend all day chatting about them, so you’ll just have to explore them all at your own pace. Enjoy!

http://www.coudal.com/moom.php [1]