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Music Machinery

I don’t typically follow music blogs, but I do follow this one.  Albeit it is a recent following, I got hooked on the music maps.

And the music maps are why I’m sharing the site with you today.

You can check them out by scrolling down the page and navigating blog style, navigating by Category and selecting Data, or you can check out the following links to get hooked on this blog.

Map of Music Styles [1]

Anti-Preferences in Regional Listening [2]

Favorite Artists vs Distinctive Artists by State [3]

Exploring Regional Listening Preferences [4]

Each of these displays a map of some sort. The first one displays a music map, and the rest use a map of the United States. It’s really interesting to see how things differ from State to State. And makes me really curious about how things compare around the world since a lot of artists have global audiences. 

Check them out for yourself today! 

http://musicmachinery.com/ [5]