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Music Problems

Music Problems

Awhile back, I told you all how to add a musical background to the e-mails you send out on a daily basis. I know several of you took quite an interest in that and while some of you were able to do that successfully, others of you had some trouble. Many of you also e-mailed me with your problems and I tried to help as best I could.

I told you to make sure both users (you and the person you’re sending the e-mail to) were using Outlook Express (because it only works in OE) and I also mentioned the special settings you must have in place in order for this tip to work. You need to make sure you both have your OE settings to accept HTML materials and not just plain text. When you go to Tools, Options in Outlook Express, one is listed under the Read tab and the other is under the Send tab.

Along with those suggestions, I have some new ones for you today. So, if you’re still having trouble with the e-mail music tip, these may help you. You may have a pop up blocker or even an adware blocker that won’t accept background music in your e-mails, your ISP may block certain materials like this, the security settings you have set within your antivirus/firewall program may be blocking the music, your e-mail program won’t accept such a large file or your computer doesn’t even have a program that can play the music formats.

That all makes sense, right?! So, if you still can’t get the tip to work, check on these things. You might be able to get this to work after all. Good luck!

~ Erin (with help from a very kind newsletter reader)