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Musictonic [1]

I am in love with this site! I love to watch music videos and discover new artists, and now I can do both in one place!

To get started type in one of your favorite bands or artists and click the blue search button.

It will then search YouTube for music videos, and then will recommend related artists using information from last.fm!

You can also check out music by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking Top Tags, and then select a tag (usually a genre of music) which will then take you to a listing of artists for that genre. Pick an artist and you can listen that way too!

This is certainly a more fun way of watching music videos than heading to YouTube and having to type in what you want to see to switch between artists. It is also a great way to see all of your favorite artist’s videos at once!

Check it out today!

http://musictonic.com/ [1]