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Must… Have… Control!

(Picture note: I keep my taskbar at the top of my screen, so that’s why the screen shots look like they are coming from the wrong direction.)

Do you use your control panel in Windows XP a lot? Are you the kind of person who is constantly “adjusting” things? Well, if you are, then you and I have a lot in common. Here’s a tip that will save us both some time.

Rather than clicking Start>Settings>Control Panel and then hunting for the appropriate icon in the control panel folder, why not put a cascading control panel right on your Start menu? Then, you just click Start, Control Panel, and select the appropriate utility from a menu. Much faster and much neater.

Here’s how :

1 . Right-click the Start button and go to Properties .


2. On the resulting screen, click the Customize button. On the next screen, click the Advanced tab.


3. The first item in the Start menu item box should be Control Panel. Select the little ” Display as menu ” item and, poof!, you have an XP version of our cascading control panel.


Hope this makes your life easier!