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Must… Have… Even More… Control!

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Must… Have… Even More… Control!

Well, wow! Thanks to all of the faithful readers who wrote in with their favorite way to access their Control Panel.

(While my screen shots are taken from Windows XP, I’ve tried this on Windows 98 and it works the same way!)

1. This first idea involves creating another taskbar in which the Control Panel can live its happy life. To do this right-click your current taskbar, select Toolbars , and then select New Toolbar .


In the next window you must hunt around and find your Control Panel . Mine was hiding under My Computer / C: / Control Panel . Click on the Control Panel folder and it should appear in the “Folder:” box.


Click OK and you should now see “Control Panel” in your taskbar. For even easier use, drag and drop it to the left side of your screen, right-click on a blank spot and select Auto-Hide . This will tuck the new taskbar away when you’re not using it and accessing it only requires a wave of the mouse pointer over the left edge of your screen.

2. Now if you don’t want an entire taskbar dedicated to the Control Panel, simply create a shortcut in your Quick Launch Taskbar .

The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to go to Start and open the Control Panel. When the window opens, drag and drop the icon in the top left of the window to your Quick Launch Bar and, presto! You’ve got a little icon that when clicked opens the Control Panel window.


~ Steve (with the help of readers Spyder, Bill, Claude, Eric, and Tony! Thanks everyone!)

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