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My Computer Ate The Taskbar Time And Date

My ‘puter ate the time & date…LOL! How do I get it back in the taskbar. I have Windows 7.

Lise – United States

I hate it when that happens, Lise. Here’s how to get your computer to cough it back up. Ready?

You should see a little arrow symbol the taskbar right where the time and date used to be. Click it and you’ll get a pop up menu like this:


 Choose “Customize” and you’ll see this window. Near the bottom of this window select “Turn system icons on and off.”


You will open yet another window. It’s called Windows for a reason. Up near the top,  you’ll see a clock icon, just select “On.”

You will also find “Volume Control,” “Network” and “Power” there. I am forever accidentally losing volume control, so this is a handy trick to know. Hope this helps.

– Cynthia.