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My Memory

I was looking for a translator the other day to translate some French I couldn’t quite figure out on my own, and stumbled upon this one. I ended up really liking it, so I thought I would share it with you.

What makes this translator different from other translators? Well, the information that fills their databases to help you translate comes from human contributions. This means that you get translations that are far better than a text book, because they can include idioms, colloquialisms, and more.  It is more like going to an actual human translator, as opposed to looking up the meaning of a phrase word by word in a language dictionary.

So how does it work? Just type or cut/paste in the phrase you want to translate. The site will auto-detect what language it is and then you can click the blue Search button. It will then go through its database for matches.

The translation list will then show up. It will include translations for exactly what you put in and other ways to say it. For example, I put in “Je parle un peu français”, which means that “I speak a little French”. It also gave me varying search results that used the same words as what I was trying to write.

Like: “Oui, je parle le francais, mais un peu”, which means “Yes, I speak French, but just a little”.

Or a funny one like  “Moi, je parle français comme un bûcheron”, which means “I speak French like a logger”.

I think this is a great translator! I hope you’ll check it out today!

http://mymemory.translated.net/ [1]