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My Modern Metropolis

The funny thing about this is that on the same day two featured articles from it appeared in my inbox, one was from StumbleUpon, and the other was from Hunch. Each recommended I check out a certain gallery that was featured.

The first one was from StumbleUpon and was an awesome selection of artwork honoring Harry Potter. It was interesting to see so many beautiful artistic renderings of Harry Potter. You can check them out here [1].

The second one was from Hunch and was an interesting look into the life of a superhero called Story Behind an Aging Super Hero. It was quite interesting to see the image series, and there was a question and answer section afterwards that delved deeper into the meaning of the series. You can check it out here [2].

After experiencing those two sections, I decided I wanted to explore more of the site, so I decided that I would head to main page and see what else was featured. What I discovered was a vibrant and fresh selection of featured art.

Navigation is easy. There is a menu strip along the top with the following categories: Home, My Place, Metropolites, Blogs, Photos, Videos, Submit a Link, and About. You can scroll down the main page or watch the rotating image at the top of that section to see what is currently being featured. While I was there were a lot of interesting things being featured on the main page, like this awesome post on culinary manipulations. You can check it out here [3].

Creating a profile allows you to comment on, curate, and blog about your favorite art. To sign up for membership you need to click Sign Up and then fill out the form with your e-mail address and birth date, next you’ll create a password and fill in the reCaptcha to prove you’re human. Then head to the e-mail address that you’ve provided and click the activation link. Next, you’ll finish your profile by filling out the form that loads. Your other option to sign up is to login with your Facebook, Google, or Yahoo account.

After you’ve signed up, you can manage your account and personal stuff from My Place, and create your own blog. This is a very neat art site; I hope you’ll check it out today!