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My Oats

Sometimes I just need to express my creativity! Even if what I’m making looks like crap, I need the motion of creating something with my hands. That’s why I crochet, knit, make my own jewelry, write, etc. But what can you do when you don’t have the tools to create something? Or you’re at work, and you need a mental break from something tedious? Well you can turn to My Oats!

My Oats offers you a canvas, tools, and the ability to save and edit your work for free. You can even try it before you sign up by clicking either Create at the top of the page, or Create Yours in the middle of the page.

To learn more about My Oats, click the Read More by the topic About Us. You’ll learn all about what you can do on the site, why you might want an account, and how designs end up on the home page of the site.

Should you decide you want to join (I did) just click the Join Us in the middle of the page or Join at the top of the screen. Then create a username and password, next provide a working e-mail address, fill in the security code, and click the Create Account button. Then head to the e-mail address that you provided and click the verification link.

When you start to create you’ll find your tools beneath the canvas. They are: shape color, edit, view, tools, line size, opacity, intensity, zoom, and stage color. Shape color controls the color of the lines and shapes you make, whereas, stage color controls the background color of your piece. Edit allows you to undo the last few steps of your work, or start over completely. The rest are all creation tools.

This reminds me of making snowflakes with addition of having a Spirograph to create nifty art. I would suggest you just play around with it to get the hang of it.

http://www.myoats.com/ [1]