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My Weather Widget Looks Terrible After Update

Ray from Fort Worth writes:

I was running Win 7 with all the latest updates. Today four more updates where downloaded and installed: KB 2893519, IE 11, MS Windows English Spelling Package and MS Windows English Hyphenation Package. Now my weather gadget has changed colors and looks terrible.  There doesn’t seem to be any options to change colors. I’ve uninstalled it and re-installed it and it still looks terrible. Help. How can I change the colors back? 

Ray, you aren’t the only one experiencing that issue. Microsoft believes it’s connected to the update to Internet Explorer 11 and there are some suggestions offered. But be aware that Microsoft would prefer customers not use the weather widgets. There have been some security vulnerabilities and they aren’t considered safe. Which is probably why updates aren’t configured not to disrupt the widgets. But if you’d like to keep using them, here are some suggestions.

Some users have reported reversing the issue by changing the DPI Size Settings in Windows 7. Right-click on a blank portion of your desktop choose Personalize from the window that opens.

Then choose Display in the lower left-hand corner of the window.

Make sure the settings are on smaller and choose apply.

You could also uninstall IE 11 and downgrade IE 10.  To unistall Internet Explorer, ope your Windows Update and click Installed Updates.

Type Internet Explorer in the search box at the top.

Select Internet Explorer 11 from the results and then choose Uninstall.

 Hopefully one of these fixes helps with the problem.

~ Cynthia