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Do you use Firefox? How about Ebay? If you use both of those on a regular basis, you’re going to love what I have for you today! It’s called MyEbayFox and it’s basically another version of the Firefox Web browser that has been designed to give you an even better Ebay experience as well. Keep reading to learn all about this awesome new feature!

When you download MyEbayFox, you will get a new toolbar that is set up just for your Ebay interactions. With the toolbar, you can search through Ebay items, access your account, see ending auctions immediately, see image previews of your search results and so much more. All the buttons you need to handle your Ebay business are right on the toolbar. No more hassle with Ebay’s actual Web site. Just use MyEbayFox and get everything done in mere seconds!

Along with the toolbar, you’ll get what is called Adblock Plus, which will remove all of those banner ads and animations you always see on Ebay’s site. This limits your distractions to help you get your work done faster. MyEbayFox also comes with the security that Firefox is known for. It works with all the Windows versions (yes, including Vista), with Mac OS X and later, as well as, Firefox 1.5 and 2.0. So, if you’re interested, you can download MyEbayFox for yourself right here (just click on the “Install Version 0.2” button). Go on, take your Ebay experience to the next level. I dare you!

~ Erin